1. General Information

These conditions applies when purchasing a reborn doll from Swedolls. The doll comes with three set up of clothes, a blanket, some diapers, a magnetized pacifier, certificate from the sculptor, a reborn birth certificate and care instructions.


2. Your purchase

When buying a doll through Swedolls you have to be 18 years old or have a parental permission.

When purchasing a doll it has to be fully payed off before it will be sent. The payment can be split up into more than one payment, if we have an agreement to do so.


3. Payment

The Price includes 25% VAT if you live in Europe. Shipping is not included.

Swedolls is not resbonsible for any taxes or fees that your country may charge you.

This is how you can make your payment. Please type your name as reference for your payment.

Bank Transfer: BIC: HANDSESS IBAN: SE95 6000 0000 0007 3607 6832

PayPal: swedolls@hotmail.com

Swish: only available in Sweden


4. Delivery

Once you have approved the doll through photos and paid the total sum of the doll, it will be sent to you with trackable shipping. If you don't pick up your package within 14 days the package will be sent back to Swedolls for your cost.


5. Return Policy

Return policy is valid for 14 days from the date when you receive the doll. If you want to return the doll you are responsible for shipping cost, and are responsible for a safe travel of the doll. The doll has to be in the same condition as when delivered, otherwise Swedolls has the right to make you a charge for damages. The amount you payed for the doll will be refunded. Contact Swedolls through e-mail before returning. If the doll is made with your specifications with a clear personal mark in such a way that the doll can not be resold, there is no rights of regret.


6. Warranty and reclamation

You have the legally right to do a reclamation within two years, if you can prove that the fault was there from the beginning and not due to an abuse of the doll. Send an e-mail with a description and pictures of what is wrong with the doll, Swedolls is in this case responsible for the shipping cost.

No other warranty applies. The doll shall be handled according to the care instructions included.


7. Personal Data

The personal information that you as a customer gives to Swedolls is used only to deliver your package, and for bringing you a good service.


8. Contact and information

VAT: SE880521XXXX01

Website: www.swedolls.com

E-mail: info@swedolls.com

Owner: Tove Magnusson

Address: Swedolls, Fredagsvägen 13, 541 77 Skövde, SWEDEN

Phone: +46 (0) 73-91 80 390

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