A little about reborns

What is a reborn?

A reborn is an artistic made doll that looks and feels like a real baby. The most common material used is vinyl body parts (head and limbs) together with a cloth body. The doll can also be partly in silicone, or completely in vinyl or silicone.

Who wants a reborn?
  • Those who are fascinated by the spectacular similarity to the real baby, with all of the details made by the sculptor and reborn artist

  •  Those who wants a beautiful ornament, which makes visitors have to look once again

  •  Those who do role playing and takes care of the doll

  •  Those who uses the doll as therapy, for any kind of reason

  •  Those who loves babies, but don’t want to or don’t have the possibility to care for a real child

  • Those who loves newborn photography, proffesionally or as a hobby

  • Those who needs a real looking doll in a movie scene where a real baby can't be used

How is a reborn made?
  • The doll gets sculpted in clay by a sculptor*

  •  A mold is being made out of the sculpture

  •  The mold is getting used to make the body parts into vinyl, mostly in a limited quantity

  •  The doll parts then sells unpainted as a kit

  •  A reborn artist paints the vinyl, and adds details such as hair and eyelashes before it is put together.

*Exceptions in the manufacturing process is when the doll is called a realborn. Then the doll is a scan out of a real baby, which then has been produced into vinyl.

Both sculptor and reborn artist has a goal to create the doll as life like as possible, this by doing their own specific details.

How I always create my reborns
  • The doll parts gets properly washed and air dried

  • I paint in several thin layers with Genesis Heat Set Paint to get a flesh like look and life looking details. The eyebrows are painted as well

  • A final sealing of the paint is made to protect the color and prevent the vinyl from getting shiny

  • The lips and nails are sealed aswell, but with shiny gloss

  • The vinyl gets a skin texture mix that is soft to the touch

  • The eyelashes and the hair is rooted with high quality mohair, which then is glued from the inside of the head together with a magnet for the mouth to be able to have a magnetic pacifier

  • The doll is weighted and filled with fine glass beads and soft fibre fill

  • The photos are taken in daylight with a system camera

Doll sizes
  • Miniature (not real size)

  • Premature (born too early)

  • Newborn

  • Toddler (1-3 year old)

  • Kid

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