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About Me

I am a dedicated artist who has an eye for details in the slightest.

In January 2015 a lump of clay in my hands turned into a doll for the first time. I knew immediately that this was meant for me!

The exciting mix between sculpting my own dolls and painting already finished kits seemed to be the perfect match for me!

My love for dolls as a child and my artistic side as a grown up unites together, and to work with this is a dream come true.


The journey of Your baby

In The Making

A kit is chosen, and the magic starts to happen! In my hands I create a beautiful baby just for You! My brush is on fire and the needle does its final job giving the baby a gorgeous head of hair.

A Baby Is Born!

The baby doll is now put together and is in front of me - and the camera! Together we make some outstanding phots, which will make you fall in love over and over again.


The baby is carefully wrapped into her blanket, ready to be sent to you. Your name is put on the label on this special delivery box, containing a beautiful baby who soon will be in your arms!

Contact Me

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